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Last update: 2024/02/15

Usage, model, version, proxy = FALSE)


  • api: A character string representing the API key required for accessing the model.
  • model: A character string representing the specific model.
  • version: A character string representing the version of the chosen model.
  • proxy: Optional. Default to FALSE. A boolean value indicating whether to use a proxy for accessing the API URL. If your local internet cannot access the API, set this parameter to TRUE.


If successful, the function returns a Google generative AI object. If the API response indicates an error, the function halts execution and provides an error message.


This function establishes a connection to a Google generative AI model by providing essential parameters.


Providing accurate and valid information for each argument is crucial for successful text generation by the generative AI model. If any parameter is incorrect, the function responds with an error message based on the API feedback. To view all supported generative AI models, use the function available.models.

Please refer to for the API key.

The API proxy service is designed to address the needs of users who hold a valid API key but find themselves outside their home countries or regions due to reasons such as travel, work, or study in locations that may not be covered by certain Generative AI service providers.

Please be aware that although GenAI and its affiliated organization - GitData - do not gather user information through this service, the server providers for GenAI API proxy service and the Generative AI service providers may engage in such data collection. Furthermore, the proxy service cannot guarantee a consistent connection speed. Users are strongly encouraged to utilize this service with caution and at their own discretion.


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# Please change YOUR_GOOGLE_API to your own API key of Google Generative AI

all.models = available.models() %>% print()

# Create a Google Generative AI object
google = = Sys.getenv("GOOGLE_API"),
                      model = all.models$google$model[1],
                      version = all.models$google$version[1],
                      proxy = FALSE)

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